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100% LA Indoor Grown Flower


Caldero de Flor Coffin Box

This beautiful 3.5 gram coffin and cauldron of flower with custom Blaze Mota lighter is perfect for setting the mood any time of year—plus, there is enough room to store all of your cannabis accessories right there in the coffin box!


Single 3.5 gram Jar

This is our jarred flower without the coffin box and lighter. You simply  get premium, 100% indoor flower in a Blaze Mota jar.


Ramo de Flores Coffin Box

This is our Bouquet of Flowers with a beautifully curated Coffin Box that can be easily used as your stash box.

These prerolls are hand-crafted in stiletto shaped containers. They are perfect for individual use or sharing with friends!

All of our flower is grown in our climate-optimized indoor facility, right here in Los Angeles. 

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